Daniel Granger - Owner

As the owner of Granger Logging, Daniel is heavily involved in the day-to-day operation. Bidding on stumpage, cruising timber, coordinating logistics & making the supply chain run as smoothly as possible are some of his daily roles.

Logan G. - Harvester Operator

The Harvester Operator is responsible for determining the best possible yield for each tree he cuts while following the land management plan imposed on the site. Logan has great attention to detail and operates with safety and efficiency.

Daniel S. - Forwarder Operator

As an experienced Forwarder Operator, Daniel moves cut logs from the woods to the landing where they are sorted & stacked with precision all while keeping the logging site neat & orderly.

Harold E. - Trucker

With years of trucking experience, Harold delivers loads of Pulp wood, Saw logs & Firewood from the woods to their final destination. Safety is a big part of driving truck and he ensures that the truck doesn't move until everything is in order.

Karina D. - Office Manager

As Office Manager, Karina handles AR, AP and all of the other paperwork that logging projects require. With efficiency & attention to detail, she ensures that the office runs as smoothly as the rest of the operation.

MASON, WI 54856
P. (715) 278-7599
F. (715) 278-3415